Bear’s Big Puppy Tip: Choose the right reward for training a puppy.

Choose the right reward for training a puppy

Rewards used in training can have two very different results. Science explains that positive rewards – something that a puppy (or dog) likes is much better than punished or force applied reward – which can result in an aggressive response. Did you know that using a water spray can increase an aggressive response by 20% and that growling at the dog can increase the aggressive response by 41%. This is dangerous for both the owner, family and ultimately the dog. So, what is a positive reward and why is it so important when training a puppy? A positive reward is something that means something good to your puppy, for example, a treat, a toy or game. The reason why trainers will use has many reasons, so here are few:

  • It delivers the reward quickly.
  • You can break down the training in small sections and reward each one.
  • You can reward the puppy for the right behaviour and the puppy can link the behaviour to the treat – often using a toy and/or game means that you need to break off training to carry these out and the link may not be so visible to the puppy.
  • All puppies like to eat.
  • You can use a variety of food as a reward.

Above all find something that your puppy likes and get the whole family involved with training in fun, positive and more rewarding way.

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