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Teddy’s Top Training Tip – 27/10/2016


dog training tip

Teddy’s Training Tip: A training session should last approximately five minutes a day to retain your dog’s attention. It ties in with the training schedule everyone has been sent for holiday training (training/agility group – who ever likes and shares it first gets a treat bag for their dog at Saturday’s class).

Teddy’s Top Training Tip – 20/10/2016


dog training tips

Teddy’s Training Tip: The lead is an important management and training tool as it keeps your dog safe.  For all you bikers – Teddy’s picture and more importantly his top training tip for Thursday. Leads are so very important. Way to go Ted!

Teddy’s Top Training Tip – 06/10/2016


dog tips

Teddy’s Training Tip: Teach your dog to settle on a bed/mat/towel/blanket, as this helps when you visit friends, holiday locations and days out. They will then have a safe place to go and relax. 

How sound preparation CDs can ease your pet’s stress


However calm and well-adjusted a pet is, there are some situations that most cats and dogs find stressful. Sound Preparation CDs may be the way forward.  Fireworks night sends thousands of pets running for cover every year. While other animals find small children, crowds and loud noises terrifying. Though owners can comfort and calm their More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip – 22/09/2016


dog training tip

Teddy’s Training Tip: Practise calling your dog back several times when on a walk. Hold onto his/her collar so that he/she does not anticipate the walk ending.

Teddy’s Top Training Tip – 08/09/2016


Teddy’s Training Tip: If your dog is stressed, give him/her more time and space. Use cues such as sit/down, calm praise and rewards. Another top training tip from Teddy – helping all those dogs who are stressed when out or who have had a stressful experience when out on a walk.  

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