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Teddy’s Top Training Tip 21/06/18


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  Teach your dog to relax when at home alone. At some point in your dog’s life, he or she will need to be left at home alone. However, trying to find out what is the legal and right amount of time to leave your dog alone is confusing. Why? Because there is lack of More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip 07/06/18


  Emphasise rewards when your dog responds to you. Emphasising rewards when your dog responds to simple commands such as sit, down, wait or stay and strong praise with high-value rewards that are special to your dog. Rewarding your dog for carrying out a training command/exercise or right behaviour means that the likelihood of this More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip and Bonus Biscuit 25/05/18


  Canine communication – do not punish your dog when it growls. There has been much talk recently about the dog’s growl and why we should not only take note of this but why we should not punish them for growling. We were often told that when a dog growls it was because the dog More →’

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