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Teddy’s Top Training Tip 04/01/2018


Teddy’s Top Training Tip: Train to focus on including exercise, socialisation and having fun. At the start of the year let’s unleash your inner puppy and look at ways that your goals can include your dog too. Remember it’s never too late to start that training programme. Help to banish your boredom by looking at More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip and Bonus Biscuit – Winter Tip 4


Teddy’s Top Training Tip: Winter Tip 4 – Enjoy Christmas day with your dog.   With the run up to Christmas now on countdown to the big day, we here at Specialist Dog Training thought that a few tips on the special day will help your dog enjoy it too. Food and Treats: if you More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip and Bonus Biscuit – Winter Tip 3


Teddy’s Top Training Tip: Winter Tip 3: Keep feeding and exercise routines the same over the festive period. # This week, we look at routines over the festive period. Dogs thrive on routines and over the festive period, routines can alter drastically. However, planning ahead can help make some of your dog’s time over this More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip and Bonus Biscuit – Winter Tip 2


Teddy’s Top Training Tip – Winter Tip 2: Be careful when exercising your dog outside in the frost and snow.  This week, we look at keeping your dog safe outside on walks and in your garden. The first frosty mornings can be fun for you and your dog, not to mention a covering of snow. More →’

Teddy’s Training Tip & Bonus Biscuit. Winter Tip 1


Winter tip 1:  Coats and fleeces can help keep your dog warm during the winter months.   Over the next four weeks we will look at certain topics for winter and the festive season. We start off this week with keeping our dog warm over the winter months. As we move from autumn to the More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip and Bonus Biscuit 23/11/17


Teddy’s Top Training Tip: Older dogs benefit from walks too: take your dog for three or four short outings each day to stimulate their interest.   Older Dogs benefit from walks too. Taking your dog out for three or four shorter walks each day helps to stimulate his interest. Several short walks are better than More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip and Bonus Biscuit 16/11/17


  Teddy’s Top Training Tip: You must be sure that your dog will respond to your voice when off lead. Letting your dog off lead allows your dog some free running, physical stimulation and enjoyable play time. Before you allow your dog off lead, practicing recall is important. Some useful tips for practicing your recall: More →’

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