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BBC Kent Radio Interview


I was interview on BBC Kent radio on the 23rd of February. Listen to it here – Specialist Dog Training Kent Radio. I come on at about 2:05:00.

Teddy’s Top Canine Facts – Vets


Part 4 of our informative series of short videos of Canine Facts. This week we are covering the a necessity for every dog – Visiting the Vets

Teddy’s Top Training Tip and Bonus Biscuit – 15/02/18


Teddy’s Top Training Tip : Keep your dog healthy by thinking of the three important needs:  Diet, Exercise and Environment. After my dog Teddy received his recent health check, it got me thinking when I always get told isn’t he looking fabulous and how old did you say he was. I feel very blessed to have such More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip – 01/02/18


Do not let your dog run up and bark at another dog. We all love to visit places to allow our dogs off lead and have a run around, play ball, enjoy the walk, and so on. But how many owners now dread taking their dogs anywhere for fear of a dog or dogs running More →’

Myths and Truths of Dog Training


With the scientific advances in dog training and behaviour over the years means that we all know more about our dogs than we ever have before. There always lots of different views on how we should train or act around our dogs. Television, for one has produced many different concepts and the idea that a More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip – 18/01/18


Teddy’s Top Training Tip: Your dog is not being difficult if he wont do something, stop, listen and help your dog. Listening to your dog is part of the relationship and training that we as owners have with out dogs. Learning about your dog’s body language, their habits, what interests them and what their fears/anxieties are More →’

Teddy’s Top Canine Facts – Teeth


  Teddy’s is here to teach you all the facts about dogs you should know, to help you look after and care for your four legged friends. In this weeks short-video Teeth.

Teddy’s Top Training Tip 04/01/2018


Teddy’s Top Training Tip: Train to focus on including exercise, socialisation and having fun. At the start of the year let’s unleash your inner puppy and look at ways that your goals can include your dog too. Remember it’s never too late to start that training programme. Help to banish your boredom by looking at More →’

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