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Animal Education Courses

All the animal courses provide an opportunity to interact with and learn from one of leading professionals in the industry. The courses form a good foundation for further learning, give the basis of expanding your knowledge from both a practical and academic level and above all reach your own individual ability for learning not only for yourself but also for your dog.

Dog Psychology

Dog Psychology: A fascinating course for all dog lovers. You’ll learn how they think and communicate not only between other dogs, but also ways they communicate to humans. Understand which behaviours are natural and predictable and which behaviours are learned. Learn how dogs develop behavioural characteristics throughout stages of their life. How training impacts how 

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Cat Psychology

A fascinating course for all cat lovers. Learn how to understand cat psychology. You’ll learn how cats think, how cats communicate, understand what behaviours are natural, which are learned, learn how to understand commonly occurring behaviour problems and if it is possible to train a cat.

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First Aid For Pets

Essential information on first aid situations, how to bandage, what to have in your first aid kit, plus lots more. A First Aid For Pets-one day workshop is also available, and includes informative first aid techniques and accident procedures, plus understanding signs and symptoms of illness. First Aid for Pets One day workshop 1 Day

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Practical Dog Training

Think of training your dog as education for life skills. Create and develop good habits and how to address bad training. Teach your dog to perform tasks that is vital for every day, work on basic skills of recall, walking on a loose lead, stays in both down and sit, watch. Learn leave, wait, greeting 

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Practical Dog Agility

Dog agility has grown in popularity over the years and both dog and handler work in unison over the obstacle course. The result is a sport that is both fun not only for the dog, but also for the handler too. There is a variety of obstacles on a course from weave poles, pause box, 

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