Life Skills Training Package

Our specialised group dog training course is for owners who want to to get out and get involved with their dog’s training. Train your dog to become the well-behaved, obedient and loving pet you've always wanted. This course here at Specialist Dog Training will not only cater for individual needs, getting valuable one-to-one time with Jackie with a class of 6 dogs only, but each class will focus on teaching your dog good habits that last a lifetime through obedience training, socialisation and fun. Working outside will enable each owner and dog to have training in an environment that will be encountered on a day to day basis.

How this package can help

Get your dog to develop good habits for life as this course will cover areas such as:

  • Recall
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Stay
  • Settle
  • Meeting and greeting other dogs/owners in a calm manner
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Off
  • Wait
  • Release
  • Off-Leash Control

Dogs also need to learn what behaviours are expected in different situations. Learn how to be a calm and confident dog owner that enables you to create better habits and a better relationship between you and your dog.

We will also combat unruly bad behaviour, such as:

  • Jumping
  • Mouthing
  • Social interaction with both dogs and humans

We structure each class to be fun and full of essential dog training skills that are rewarding for both owner and dog!

We have three tiers to this training course


Foundation course

This course will teach you the basics of owning a well-mannered dog.  This is for owners who some knowledge but would like to address a certain aspect of training. Also helpful for owners who own a puppy and would like to incorporate some training around other dogs.

The course covers:

  • Focus work
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Recall
  • Leave
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Stay and release training
  • Meeting and greeting politely
  • Plus lots more.
  • There will also be some theory work to help owners with being a responsible dog owner.


Intermediate course

This course continues on from our foundation course and helps to progress your work as a dog owner. If you wish to join this course without covering the foundation course, then you will need to have good control over your dog, your dog is starting to work off the lead and be able to meet the standards set at foundation level.

This course covers:

  • Distance work with focus
  • Sits/downs
  • Walking on a loose lead with and past other dogs 
  • A reliable stay at a distance,
  • Start of more distance control with sit, down and stand, plus lots more.
  • There will be some theory work to help owners continue with being a responsible down owner.


Advance course

This course continues on from the intermediate course and helps to progress your work to have a well-mannered dog as a member of the canine society. Owners are required to have carried out the intermediate course before joining this class as the foundation for distance control is started at the intermediate course.

This course covers:

  • Continue distance work
  • Distraction work
  • Impulse control and focus work at a distance
  • Progression of sit, down, stand with stays, plus lots more.
  • There will be some theory work to challenge owners on being a responsible dog owner.

Not the typical obedience class

We are in the business of teaching owners how to be better dog owners, more confident individuals and respond in a calm manner. Say goodbye to the boring and say hello to your new class!

At the end, of each course, you will receive:
a certificate of achievement, rosette and bag of treats.


What others thought

Pamela Purnell

The success of any dog depends on the skills of a good dog trainer. A trainer who has people skills as well as dog training skills, a knowledgeable trainer who has a good solid background in dog behaviour. And is also a dog lover first and foremost. This sums up Jackie Murphy of Specialist Dog Training.

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