Newsletter Winter 2014

Christmas Tops for your Dog

Christmas is nearly upon us and to make sure that your dog also enjoys the festive season, here are a few tips:
Keep all confectionary out of your dog’s sight and height.
Choose treats that are not highly coloured or packed with fats and sugar.
Make sure your dog has a walk before any hectic activities start, it will help them relax and use some of the excessive and excitable energy up.
Have a safe and quiet area for your dog to retreat to if things get too noisy.

News from the kennel

Specialist dog training have been busy over the summer and autumn getting ready to launch their new website. So pour yourself a cuppa, grab a mince pie and give the dog a bone – have a look and let us know what you think.
Thank you to Clockwork Moggy for the new site and YouGrew Photography for some fantastic pictures – have a look, you may feature!

Event News

Webxsite 10Another successful year for Specialist Dog Training, lecturing both on Dog Psychology, Cat Psychology and Pet First Aid. Plus our dog training classes and agility classes have been oversubscribed. Look out for the special flyer advertising our 2015 courses.




Rio, Cora and EddiePractical Dog Training
Practical Dog Agility
Have Fun With your Dog
Are all back at Crayford – see flyer for more details
Plus at Brampton we are offering: Cat Psychology and Dog Psychology for 2015 – see flyer for more details.

Dog Walking Groups

With our dog walks booming and blooming we have combined not only walking, but also training, socialising and enrichment of the countryside. For more information please contact Specialist Dog Training to register. Cost per walk is £5.

Thank you all again for a fantastic 2014 and we wish you a very Happy and Joyful Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

Jackie Murphy – Chief Editor
Teddy Murphy – Lead Chief Editor

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