Teddy’s Top Training Tip: Choose advice from a qualified behaviourist/trainer

Where do you start when you own your first dog or puppy? Everyone who has ever owned a dog has advice for you, all well-meaning. There are so many videos that are posted daily that owners look at. But does it help? Some would say yes. Some would even say definitely. But, sadly for most, it is just well-meaning words that possible other owners have tried with their dog and failed.

Just as you would seek out professional advice for your vehicle, household appliance or buying/selling your home, why would you not do the same for your dog or puppy?

Why not find the professional who has studied for years on every aspect of your dog or puppy’s environment, who has gone through practical assessments, training so that they can help you with getting the right training for your dog/puppy and most importantly may also hold a qualification in teaching which means they have gone through a rigorous process of learning and assessments so that they are able to help owners train their dog/puppy.

There is now every aspect of the dog community from veterinary surgeons, dog walkers, pet sitters, puppy trainers, pet dog trainers, activity disciplines such as scent, agility, flyball, hoopers, trials, etc to animal behaviour.

When there is an issue, some may leave it sometime trying advice from various sources, before contacting a professional to help them – why? The earlier you can contact someone the more chance you have of addressing the problem.

Lots of advice can come from “Bob down the garden centre who has had dogs all his life” – yes but he may have only owned one or two dogs. Then there’s “Shirley from the local shop” – she had a trainer in and it didn’t work so why bother. Why not try “Harry from the forum” – he’s read and watched lots of videos so he can help with your training/problem. There are lots more that have well-meaning advice, but why not go to the right source and ask the questions and see how a professional can help you. You may be surprised.

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