Teddy's Top Training Tip – How to survive the darker and colder days of winter

Teddy’s Top Training Tip: Surviving the darker and colder days of winter.

As the nights draw in and autumn has turned to winter, we look forward to our festive season, however, darker mornings and evening and the weather becoming colder, some dogs may start to feel the effects of this season.

Here are some top tips for keeping your dog warm, energised and stimulated during this time.


  • Fleeces, coats and sweaters can be useful for some breeds not only to keep them warm but
    also, keep them dry.
  • Keep the walk fun – play some games (retrieve or fetch) and carry out some training.
  • Walk in different environments, if the parks are muddy, then look for beach walks or walks
    along the river where there are some sheltered pathways.
  • Meet up with friends and their doggy companions for play dates – if you have a large enough
    garden, then this could be a great get together not only for the dogs but owners too.

Indoor fun:

  • There are plenty of interactive games that are on the market, from food activity toys, to
    search games and mechanically operated toys and gadgets to help stimulate your dog mentally.
  • Try teaching your dog some new tricks.
  • Learn new or progress your current training to a different level.

Above all keep it fun and have an enjoyable winter.

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