Teddy’s Top Training Tip – Make Sure Your Dog Is Listening To You.

Communication is a two-way thing.  We listen to the other person talks, then we talk and the other person listens.  So how is it we do not always listen or talk to our dogs in the same way.  This does not mean you need to hold a conversation with them.

Having a strong communication with your dog is part of the relationship we have with our dogs.  When the communication is right, the dog will listen. 

Communication is part of responsible dog ownership. The part of the communication that dog owners forget or rush is the listening part and that goes for both owner and dog.  

If you are finding training or the exercise boring, then this will come across to your dog and it will appear that the dog is bored and then this breaks down the communication between the two.  

If you would like your dog to listen more to you, here are a few tips:

  • Make training fun.
  • Be interesting to your dog.
  • Use different motivators.
  • Keep your communication concise, consistent and be persistent.
  • Go back to basics and reward the early stages. 


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