Teddy’s Top Training Tip – Pay attention to your dog!

It is very important to be aware of your dog’s behaviour when you are out and about. Having a dog out of control is not fun for other dog owners, families, joggers, and anyone who uses the same facilities.

Teaching your dog life skills not only benefits the dog but also the owner too. We all love to be able to take our dogs to different places, holidays, family events, and so on, so having a dog that is well behaved can make all the difference.

The following can start to help dogs and owners in gaining back some attention:

  • Mark the behaviour you want – use a word such as “good” or learn how a clicker can help with this point.
  • Reward the behaviour – so important to reward the right behaviour, rather than always telling your dog off for the wrong behaviour.
  • Use tasty treats – using the dog’s kibble or just giving the dog praise is not going to help. The dog needs motivation.
  • Be enthusiastic – praise your dog for doing the right thing.
  • If your dog is not good on recall, then use a long line – however, speak to a trainer so that they can teach you how to use the long line correctly.
  • Always reward a recall – this is something I always ask my owners to carry out. Your dog needs to know that it has come back for something.
  • Look at providing your dog with both physical and mental stimulation – play and train when you are out on the walk, do not just allow your dog to run off.
  • Do not keep repeating your dog’s name or just using your dog’s name – it is a sound to your dog, and that sound often means different things to owners.
  • Building your success with your dog for life skills for the future.

Be the owner your dog wants you to be!

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