Teddy's Top Training Tip: Punishment is not an effective way to train your dog

Teddy’s Top Training Tip: Punishment is not an effective way to train your dog.

I really do not believe that punishment is an effective way to train a puppy or a dog. It is vitally important that before you start training you need to take some time to make sure that you are taking the best approach to train them.

Punishment does not teach a dog/puppy anything only to avoid the owner or the situation, it
breaks down trust as the dog/puppy will think the human is unpredictable. Punishment can scare and frighten a dog/puppy, then he or she will just avoid its owner in the future. Remember a dog or puppy learns very quickly through fear and then they will avoid that event or situation that caused the fear in the first place, in this case, it can be the owner.

Punishment breaks the bond between us and our dogs and surprisingly it will damage us too. It will affect how we interact with our relationships that can transfer onto human relationships too. Using punishment as a training technique can make the dog’s behaviour worse.
Why look at just punishing the wrong behaviour, why not look at rewarding the behaviour you want.

Using kind and positive methods will help create bonds, encourage good behaviour and training and help establish the type of relationship that is built on trust.

Remember: There is no reason to use any form of punishment with a dog.

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