Tips & Advice for Dogs During Fireworks Season

Watch to discover tips and advice on how to prepare your dog for fireworks night, includes training advice, to help lower the stress and anxiety that dogs can experience with the noise of fireworks.

This video gives owners advice on preparing dogs for fireworks night / season, including tips such as walking your dog earlier in the day – well before dusk and before any fireworks are likely to go off, preparing some games or food activity toys to keep your dog busy, having a safe place for your dog to retreat to, allowing your dog to go outside to toilet in advance of the fireworks beginning and more!

With firework night approaching, Specialist Dog Training have the tips you need to help soothe your dog.

Being safe around firework night.

The RSPCA have reported that over 45% of dogs are frightened of fireworks. With firework now being a season rather than a night, Specialist Dog Training have included some tips to help you and your dog during this time.

Be prepared:

  • Find out if your neighbours are planning a family firework event, let others with pets know if you have such plans.
  • Walking your dog earlier in the day helps tire and relax them. Walking before dusk and before fireworks are likely to go off.
  • Prepare some games to interact with your dog or have some food activity toys ready to keep your dog busy.
  • Provide your dog with plenty of water.
  • Allowing your dog to have a small portion of carbohydrate meal (cooked pasta, mashed potato, etc) this provides more serotonin to the dog’s brain, which in turn gives a sense of comfort.

Be safe

  • Prepare a place for your dog to retreat to. Have a comfy bed/cushion/blanket. Some dogs might like an enclosed area. Spend a few days getting your dog used to going to this area with some tasty food or chews.
  • Close windows and draw curtains, turn up the TV to help drown out the noise or play some relaxing music.
  • Make sure that your home is secure, and your dogs is wearing his collar and ID tag – as some try to escape.
  • If you do have to go outside during the fireworks, make sure that your dog is safe in a room and have a member of the family sit with the dog.

Be there

  • If your dog appears fearful, then stay with them. Some dogs just need to have the company of their owners. Be calm and relaxed.

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