2015 Winter Newsletter

Specialist dog training has had an exciting 2015.

Sound CD Now Available

We have launched our sounds CDs combining both the knowledge Jackie’s academic behaviour and Gareth Powell’s media expertise, Specialist Dog Training has three superb cd’s to offer:

  • Children/babies (ideal to get your dog used to the new addition in the family)
  • Fireworks (suitable to help dog habituate to the sounds of fireworks)
  • Dog shows (perfect for the owner who wishes to get their dog used to sounds of dog shows).

Each Cd costs £6.99 plus £1.00 p&p.

News from the kennel

We have been back training at our special and favourite venue: Crayford Manor House. What a great year we have had with training and agility.
Teddy and I have been guest speakers for BBC Radio Kent on numerous topics: hypnodog, should dogs sleep on owners bed, and talking about the various societies we are associated with. Talking to Lempit Opik and Julia George.
Dog Agility Crayford Manor houseJackie & Teddy at BBC Radio

Event News

Dog Training classes for January 2016 are now fully booked, however there is a waiting list.
This year we launched some of our information videos – watch this space more to come next year.
Another successful year lecturing pet first aid, dog and cat psychology at various venues for the Learning Centre Bexley.

Teddy’s Trekkers

Teddy's trekkers Christmas walkOur Trekkers have gone from strength to strength and this is a highlight of our monthly calendar. We walk, train and socialise, plus we have visited a few new places this year. Looking forward to some great walks for 2016. For more information, please contact Specialist Dog Training to register. Cost per walk is £5.

Teddy and I would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Jackie Murphy – Chief Editor
Teddy Murphy – Lead Chief Editor

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