What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny files saved to your computer when you visit websites.
Not all websites use cookies but most do. If you decide you don't want cookies, you'll need to block them in your browser settings.

What are Cookies used for?

Cookies remember your preferences when you visit a website. They are used amongst over things for:

  • Remembering what's in your shopping basket
  • Logging in to any site
  • Remembering Language settings

What happens if I block cookies?

Blocking cookies will cause many features of websites not to work correctly if you disable cookies won't be able to:

  • Log into sites like Facebook or Youtube
  • Buy things from e-commerce stores like Amazon or Ebay
  • Use live chat in support sites

How can I disable or block cookies?

You can disable cookies through your web browsers settings, please consult the browser's developer for instructions.