Dog Agility Classes

Do you want to try something different, fun and enjoyable with your dog? The dog agility might just be what you’re looking for!

Dog agility is a fun, fast-moving sport in which the handler must direct their dog through and over a series of obstacles. This is a specialist course that holds six dogs with their owners, giving everyone plenty of one-to-one time and the flexibility for you and your dog to work at your own pace.

What you will learn

The course begins by starting the dogs on low jumps and obstacles. The height or width of the obstacle is then slowly increased as training and skills progress.

  • How to navigate through the various tunnels.
  • The importance of the pause box.
  • Mastering the perfect weave.
  • Triumph over the A-frame and dog walk.

Dogs start their training on a lead with positive rewards that includes praise, treats and toys.
So if you and your dog(s) want to do something different, book onto our agility course and join in the fun!

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Essential information

  1. Dog(s) should be 12 months and over to book onto this agility course. However, if your dog is under 12 months, please contact us 07939 755872 for advice before booking.
  2. Please do not arrive before the time stated on your receipted booking form. Please meet in the car park area, Jackie will then come to meet and greet you.
  3. Owners will need their own dog(s) at this is a practical course and only the enrolled dog can attend the course.
  4. All dogs must wear a collar, be on a lead or harness/head collar and wear an identification tag. All dogs need to be fully vaccinated/wormed and flead.
  5. As this course is held outdoors, you are advised to dress to suit the weather conditions. You will need to bring sufficient dog treats for your dog. Also, please remember to be a responsible dog owner and clear up after your dog, so plenty of poop bags/plastic bags/etc.
  6. If your dog comes into contact with any infectious/contagious diseases or conditions before the course starts (such as kennel cough or mange), you need to have your dog checked by a vet before bringing them to the class.
  7. Dogs and owners use all the equipment at their own risk.
  8. Please see our full terms and conditions.

General Information

Jackie is a fully qualified animal behaviour trainer (with over 20 animal related qualifications within her sector), a registered accredited Animal Behaviourist (ABTC) and a registered Animal Training Instructor (ABTC) . Jackie has worked with problem behaviour and training cases since 2004 and runs her own training and behaviour business along with a Diploma in Teaching in Lifelong Learning Sector and holds a Qualified Teaching and Learning and Skills status. Jackie has also written articles for dog related magazines and animal related websites

What others thought

Bertie – Agility Course

This is our first agility course with Jackie at Specialist Dog Training and we have not only enjoyed each class, but Bertie has excelled in the field of dog agility.  In fact, it has helped with his overall training and behaviour.  Bertie and I would highly recommend Jackie's agility course.
We will be signing up again!
Carol and Bertie

Louie and Maisie – Agility

"We are the proud owners of two very lively Parson Russell Terriers called Louie and Maisie, aged 5 & 4 respectively, who have gone from being complete novices to dogs who are engaged and listening to us as we go around the course. The course is well structured, with all the apparatus you could wish for, including a variety of well thought out obstacles that challenge both us and our dogs. If you are a dog owner looking for a fun and stimulating challenge for both you and your dog, we can thoroughly recommend Jackie's dog agility course. "

Julie, Ray and Rusty – Agility Course

We have been involved with Specialist Dog Training for three years now, training our dog to be well behaved and socialised.  Rusty absolutely loves Agility and since starting the course, he actively listens to me and looks to me for guidance. Our walks are now more fun and we do more off-lead activities. I thought I had signed up to a once a week activity but it has become everyday fun. Rusty would rather be at the park interacting with us than running around with the other dogs there. I cannot recommend this course enough.

Billy – Agility Course

I cannot recommend this course or our instructor, Jackie Murphy, highly enough.  Jackie is a highly experienced, enthusiastic and engaging teacher who ensures that training is a relaxed and fun experience for both the dogs and handlers.  Agility is a real team game where the dog and its owner are communicating with each other all the time, it has enhanced our bond and is just fantastic fun. This is a great safe environment for dogs and owners to learn new skills.  We are now looking forward to the next course.

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