The Canine Fitness Challenge

Whether your dog is struggling with their weight or if they are a bouncing bundle of fun then this course is for you. A fully mentally and physically stimulating course for every dog. 

Enjoy a one-to-one or group fitness class with Specialist Dog Training as we help your dog live a healthier and longer life, linking healthy eating advice with fun fitness!

This class is available for all breeds and will give you and your dog the opportunity to get fit and healthy together as you take on our specialised agility course, trick training and more, all tailored to their needs and abilities of your dog. Each obstacle will suit their current fitness status, whether that’s low impact for large dogs (includes no jumps) or high impact for more capable dogs (includes jumps).

You will also learn some essential healthy eating and nutritional advice in order to better balance your dog’s diet, meal-time schedules and treats.

Encourage owners and their dogs to get fit and healthy – linking healthy eating with fun fitness that you can do with your dog.

We will also like to include advice on healthy eating in order to better balance a dog’s diet and mealtime schedules.

It will also demonstrate how fitness will improve wellbeing –how good food and exercise can improve a dog’s behaviour and mental wellbeing and improve the bond between owner and dog.

What you will learn

Specialist Dog Training will look at your dog’s nutrition, training and wellbeing during your bespoke session. This will also include:

  • Basic training that is incorporated in fun low or high impact agility exercises
  • Nutritional advice
  • Current exercise

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What others thought

Pamela Purnell

The success of any dog depends on the skills of a good dog trainer. A trainer who has people skills as well as dog training skills, a knowledgeable trainer who has a good solid background in dog behaviour. And is also a dog lover first and foremost. This sums up Jackie Murphy of Specialist Dog Training.

General Information

Owners are offered an hour slot and their dogs to come along and have some fun around an obstacle course - there will either be jumps or no jumps - depending on the size of the dog (so low impact for large dogs or dogs that are not allowed to jump) and more high impact for dogs that are abler.

This hours session will be £40 and will include a complimentary bag of treats for your first session. All breeds are welcome on this course.

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