1:1 Dog Training

Nervous and anxious dogs often do not learn well in a class environment, so Specialist Dog Training has devised personal dog training course aimed at training the dog/owner on a 1-2-1 basis known as Life skills training.

Imagine having your own expert to help you with training your dog to walk on a loose lead or to come back when called. Imagine having the training tailored to help you and your dog reach your goals and keep you focused on the right exercises.

The course will be customised to the type of training that is needed for you and your dog.
If you are serious about having a well-trained dog, then this course will set you on the right path to achieving your goals.

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What you will learn

With Life skills 1-2-1 training:

  • Perfect your dog’s recall.
  • Enjoy walks with your dog - learn to teach your dog to walk on a loose lead.
  • Teach your dog manners when out and about - prevent running up to other dogs, jumping up at people, barking at people/joggers/ lunging towards other dogs, and so on
  • General training for focus, targeting and being relaxed and calm on a walk, etc.
  • Teach your dog skills to relax in restaurants, coffee shops and eateries.

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What others thought

Pamela Purnell

The success of any dog depends on the skills of a good dog trainer. A trainer who has people skills as well as dog training skills, a knowledgeable trainer who has a good solid background in dog behaviour. And is also a dog lover first and foremost. This sums up Jackie Murphy of Specialist Dog Training.

General Infomation

Sessions are booked on 1-2-1 basis enabling dogs and owners times to practice what they need to help with training and life skills.

Owners can book as many or as little as they require, however, training requires time, duration and patience so remember training is ongoing just as life is ongoing.

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