Kent Dog Field Rent and Hire

Immerse yourself in the Kent Countryside with our dog field, your private, enclosed and secure field to give you and your dog the chance to soak up the peace and quiet, recharge and reconnect.

Providing you and your dog with the perfect setting, Specialist Dog Training in Kent are proud to offer our enclosed and secure field out to rent, allowing you and your dog to run free, run wild and unwind, safe in the knowledge that you won’t come across other dogs or distractions.

With our easily accessible secure two-acre paddock for dogs and owners, ample parking located next to the dog field and behind a secure gated entrance, secure and enclosed fencing around the dog field; our field is the perfect location for owners to walk their dogs, practice training, let their dogs off the lead so they can safely run wild, avoid crowds, enjoy the fresh air, build lasting memories and relax.

Our dog field rent gives owners a location to bring nervous, anxious or sensitive dogs who don’t socialise well with other dogs or humans, dogs who haven’t yet mastered the art of recall and will not return when called, owners wanting to train their dog outside without being disturbed, rescue dogs, owners with dogs who have behavioural problems, owners who are worried or stressed when taking their dog out for a walk due to an unpredictable environment, puppies or simply anyone who would like to enjoy our dog field.

This is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a stress-free walk, exercise zone and training area with their dog(s) as it is a safe environment without other dogs, people or distractions (great for recall training!).

Our private, enclosed and secure field is based in Sittingbourne, Kent and provides free parking right next to the field.

General Infomation

Dog Field Location: Specialist Dog Training, 3 Sunnyhill Cottages, Munsgore Lane, Borden, Kent, ME9 8JT.

If you are considering booking our dog field, but have not been to Specialist Dog Training before, then please give us a call to arrange your introductory 10 minutes session with us.

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Telephone: 07939 755872

Guidelines/Terms and conditions:

The dog field hire is only for your own dog(s) - we allow a maximum of three dogs from the same household to use the field.

The field cannot be rented for any professional purpose.

All toys/balls brought to the dog field should be taken away with you and not left on the premises (this includes any broken pieces of toys/balls).

All dogs should have had a core vaccine within the last three years or owners need to provide a positive titre test within the last year.

All dogs should be regularly wormed (guidelines are every three months - please follow veterinary guidelines).

Please pick up after your dog on the dog field. At this moment in time, all owners will also need to dispose of this yourself.

If your dog, or any dog within your household is displaying any signs of illness/sickness/diarrhoea, etc, please notify us immediately and cancel your dog field rent session.

All owners must contact us if your female dog has come into season before using the field.
Specialist Dog Training do not permit the use of any aversive training equipment (this can include spray collars, prong collars, rattle cans, corrector sprays, electric collars, etc).

All dog field rent sessions will start on the hour and last 50 minutes. Prompt arrival and departure avoids overlapping or unexpected meetings.

If you arrive early, then please wait in your car until the other owner(s) and dog(s) have left the dog field.
Please unload your dog safely from the car and walk into the gated field. Please close all gates behind you.

All prepayment bookings are non-refundable and sessions are subject to availability.

All owners and users hire the field at their own risk.

What others thought - Dog Field Rent

Tracy and Monty – Field Rent

My Border Terrier Monty loves Jackie's field. It is a safe, secure place for him to run around with his football and have a full 50 minutes of 'Terrier time'. It is in a peaceful area and surrounded by trees. It is completely secure so there is no chance of escape. The biggest bonus for Monty is that he is not bothered by other dogs interfering with his game, it gives me peace of mind knowing that he can be completely free off the lead and enjoy his game. I highly recommend using Jackie's field for a safe, wide -open space for a dog to run around and have fun.

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