Dog Behavioural Consultations

This is a three-session tailor-made programme spread over a six week period with the first consultation lasting approximately two hours. The consultation is carried out in or around the dog’s environment as Jackie will travel to you. Based in Kent, Jackie will travel across Kent, South-East London, Essex, Sussex, Surrey and surrounding areas.

All members of the household should ideally be present during consultations and/or training, including children because everyone has a part to play in improving the dog’s behaviour. During this time, Jackie will gain an understanding of what is causing the problem, carry out a detailed behaviour and training assessment to construct a tailored programme to improve the dog’s behavioural issues. During her visit, Jackie will show you how to carry out all aspects of the programme and training skills / techniques. All consultations will be backed up by a full written report which is emailed or posted to you within a couple of days of the initial visit.

The follow-up visits are arranged two weeks apart from each other (these visits are only valid for three months from the date of the first consultation), this is a follow-up visit and enables Jackie to re-assess the programme, progress, any behaviour training that is required and future advice for continued training.

Kent based Jackie Murphy will travel to you, available across Kent, South-East London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey.

How this package can help

Dogs aren’t born naughty, although their varied and individual temperaments certainly shape their future characters! Specialist Dog Training provides Kent, South-East London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey based dog owners with a first class, humane training and behaviour service that is widely used and recommended by dog owners, veterinary surgeons and professional bodies.

The behaviour package is unique to each owner and will include the following:
A full written tailor-made behaviour programme for you and your pet, packet of treats and a clicker. 

Key reasons why Jackie can help you and your dog:

  • Jackie holds qualifications in teaching, a Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour Management and an Advance Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. Jackie has also passed the Compass course for her academic knowledge in canine behaviour and psychology.
  • Jackie is the ambassador of Great Britain for the International Society of Animal Professionals
  • Jackie is an Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) Registered Accredited Animal Behaviourist
  • Jackie is an Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC ) Registered Animal Training Instructor
  • Jackie has over two decades of experience, skills and knowledge
  • Jackie has worked with thousands of dog owners to help resolve dog behavioural problems

Jackie continues to expand her academic and practical knowledge/experience through CPD (Continued Professional Development) and she regularly attends courses and conferences presented by leading experts in the field of dog training and behaviour.

Many pet insurance companies will cover the cost of a behavioural consultation, as long as you have been referred by a vet.

The fee is fully inclusive of all of the following:

  • An initial two-hour consultation, plus two follow up visits
  • Travel costs (Jackie will travel across Kent, South-East London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey)
  • A written summary of the consultation and the recommendations.

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What others thought

Oscar – anxiety

Oscar had major anxiety problems. Barking at visitors coming into house, he howled and whinged when I left him even when I was upstairs having a shower but with Jackie's guidance and instructions we have overcome this situation. He also has major issues going to and from the car, barking loud and very excited, again with Jackie's help he now walks and is calm getting in and out of car. Friends and Relations are very impressed with Oscar's behaviour now and I feel so much more relaxed having a happy dog. Thank you Jackie I am so pleased I found you so is Oscar. Xx

Flynn – Obedience

Thank you so much for the training sessions, not only have you shown and helped me to understand how my behaviour and training towards my dog should be but for the calm, friendly, professional  and understanding way you have done it. Thank you for going the extra mile in all ways. I feel confident now to go forward with training my dog. I am positive that I will have,  not only a loyal, faithfully and beautiful dog but an obedient and reliable companion. I will keep up the training and keep in touch with progress.

Pamela Purnell

The success of any dog depends on the skills of a good dog trainer. A trainer who has people skills as well as dog training skills, a knowledgeable trainer who has a good solid background in dog behaviour. And is also a dog lover first and foremost. This sums up Jackie Murphy of Specialist Dog Training.

Franklin – Fear

Jackie's helped us enormously in understanding Franklin's fearful behaviour and how best to help him overcome his anxieties .  Her approach, understanding and training programme have proved invaluable, not least for Franklin who's life has improved so much since we've been working together. We cannot express how grateful we are and knowing that we can contact Jackie whenever we need to.  We're now on an upward spiral rather than a downward one and it's such a joy to see Franklin getting happier, little by little, with the big, bad world! A huge thank you from us all!

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