10 Tips Before Getting A Pawesome Puppy Or Dog

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Google will undoubtedly be your best friend whilst you search through the different dog breeds, whilst also getting distracted by the image section and checking out the super cute puppy and dog images too. It can seem over whelming with all the information that you need to consume so check out these top 10 tips that you need to know and consider before getting a dog or puppy…

Commitment-phobes beware!

It’s the age old saying but a dog is for life! Before purchasing that potential puppy / dog, know that this furry bundle of joy will be in your life for 10 – 13 years (going by the average age of a dog) so ensure it’s a decision made for not only now but a decade or so into the future. This means that you will need to be ready for a long and committed relationship as myou share your lives together, providing them with a home, food, water, treats, medical care, training, love, attention and time throughout.

Before Adding To Your Tribe

Research, research and research! Ensure you put in the time to research your potential dog breed to ensure it’s the perfect match for you and the dog! On this occasion, size really does matter, for both dog breed and your living arrangements. Dog breeds come with differing temperaments, stimulation and exercise requirements so ensure this will fit your lifestyle and environment.

Infinity Time And Energy

If you’ve already done your research, you will know that all breeds are different with the amount of exercise, stimulation and time required on a daily basis, however, all dogs need to be taken out twice a day in order to keep the wag in their tail. A real-life Dolly Parton working 9am – 5pm? You will need to ensure that you find a suitable
doggy day care, dog walker, friend or family member near you before getting a puppy / dog if you will not be at home to look after them. So remember you need to ask yourself if your dog can be looked after whilst you are at work and get the care and attention they need.

Cost And Investment

All dog owners would agree that a dog / puppy is the best investment you can make as they really do bring so much happiness and joy to your life, it’s invaluable! However, you will need to consider the financial costs of owning a dog / puppy which goes beyond your initial purchase. Costs throughout their life includes veterinary care, vaccinations, insurance, food, treats, dog beds, dog toys, leads and collars, ID tag, food and water bowls, training and fun classes, dog car accessories and grooming.

Keeping The Wag In Their Tail

Your puppy / dog’s health is paramount so ensure that you have a good vet in mind because just like us, they can become sick or hurt. A physical examination by a vet is essential upon your new puppy or dog arriving at their new home, this is to ensure that no issues were missed by the breeder or shelter. You will need to ensure that they have the needed vaccinations, or you know of what vaccinations they had so you can plan any missing vaccinations for them. It’s worth considering pet health insurance to not only help cover larger health bills but to ensure your dog / puppy is always covered. Never forget that puppies and dogs need their teeth brushed too so ensure you help their dental care out by brushing their teeth on a regular basis.

Exercise For The Win

You will need to take your puppy / dog for a walk at least twice a day and the amount of exercise will depend on the age and breed of your puppy/dog. Remember puppies and dog can have an incredible amount of energy (which you may often wonder where they get it from) to burn up. You can also play games in the garden or house to help them utilise their energy and for mental stimulation whilst finding some local dog / puppy training classes near you. It’s worth considering whether you choose a dog breed that stays active into their adulthood or will calm down but it’s crucial for all puppies to be socialised well, this means taking them to different places and environments so they can get used to people, sounds, sights and smells.

Young-Human Friendly

Most young humans will be fully onboard with getting a new puppy or dog, it might have even been their idea and wish after all! However, it’s essential to know the dogs background and whether they are child friendly as there are dogs out there who don’t always get along with children. It may also be worth considering a dog breed that is patient and even tempered, this may serve you well with young humans who have as much energy as the dog/ puppy.

Dog-Proof Cribs

A secure garden or an area with grass will serve you well as puppies can’t hold their bladder and all dogs will need regular toilet breaks. The landscape of your house, looking at how much space you have, could also determine the dog breed that you get. Ensure anything toxic or dangerous at your home has been removed or put out of reach, this can include electrical cords, poisonous plants (including tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums etc), chemical cleaners, human food (including chocolate, onions, grapes etc) and chemical cleaners. House proud owner? Consider whether you would prefer a dog with a coat that sheds or has a non-shedding coat (but will require regular trips to the groomers) and whether they have a long-haired coat or a short-haired coat. It’s also the inevitable, puppies will have accidents inside your home so be prepared for some cleaning!

A Class Student

All puppies will need to be trained as they don’t know manners and what’s wrong from right. Becoming house-trained and gaining socialisation skills will need time from you on a regular and consistent basis so that they can learn good habits to last a lifetime. Dog training also allows you to build a bond with your dog and say goodbye to some of those problematic problems, all using reward-based training techniques.

Welcome To The Tribe

As you choose your new addition to the family, allow time for bonding and play together whilst enjoying the new adventure with plenty of patience. Dogs happily give you plenty of love and affection on tap but ensure you reciprocate, after all, they don’t call them a man’s best friends for nothing!

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