8 Dog Walking Tips: Essentials For Dog & Owner

We walk our dogs every single day, being both fantastic exercise and overall well-being for us and our dogs.

So with the very welcome arrival of brighter days and later sunsets, here’s a list of 8 dog walking tips to ensure you are prepared for those delightful walks ahead:

1 – Lead, Collar & ID Tags For Dog Walks

It’s important to maintain control of your dog whilst out on a walk, a collar and lead will help aid this. If your dog pulls whilst on lead, I can recommend a couple of tips, one is to stop and wait until the lead is loose the other is to turn and walk in the opposite direction until you get a loose lead, then turn and walk in the direction you were originally walking in.

Each time you leave the house for a dog walk, make sure your dog is wearing their ID tag that is up to date so that no matter what happens, someone can get in touch with you should your dog ever get lost etc.

2 – Take Plenty of Water

Ensure you take plenty of water along for your dog, they sweat through panting, have a harder time regulating their temperature and muscles rely on hydration for best performance.

You could take a bottle of water for yourself and a collapsible water bottle or travel bottle for your dog.

3 – Waterproof Clothing

As we all know, living in the UK brings unpredictable weather so don’t get caught out in the rain and take a waterproof jacket out on the dog walk. This will keep you dry, act as a windproof barrier and allow you to layer up to suit the environment of the planned dog walk.

4 – Poo Bags & Dispenser

It is of course good dog etiquette and part of being a responsible dog owner to always pick up after your dog so ensure you take poo bags out on the dog walk with you. No one wants to step in dog poop and it’s a potential health hazard because dog waste
contains harmful bacteria which can work their way into soil, water supply, humans and pets!

5 – High Value Treats

Keep your dog’s attention when out on a walk with high value treats, they act as a fantastic training tool! Treats allow you to reward your dog’s good behaviour when out on a walk, bring their attention back to you, great for practicing recall and walking next to you off lead and aid you with any dog training that you are carrying out.

6 – Outside Toy / Ball

Taking a toy or ball out on your dog walk is a great way to introduce some playtime, encouraging exercise and a switch of pace from walking! This will also allow you to bond and create some fun memories with your dog.

7 – Dry Rug / Towel

Don’t dread getting back to the car or front door with your wet and muddy pooch, be prepared with a towel to dry your dog

8 – Trusty Pair Of Walking Shoes / Boots

Take care of your physical wellbeing and help prevent injury by wearing good footwear when out walking your dog. You will undoubtedly be walking across all sorts of terrain and uneven surfaces so good footwear will provide good shock absorption, posture and comfort.

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