Join a dog training class to keep your dog’s mind active during the autumn and winter months.

Now that we are in autumn and heading into the winter months, it can be difficult to get out and about due to darker mornings and evenings.

However, why not make the most of these months with some training. Remember, training can and should always be consistent but why not add in some fun activities as it will help to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

To have a dog that is really engage with training instead of going through the motions brings success to your training and bring both enthusiasm and drive for training in any dog activity sport, not to mention pet dog training.
If you are finding training or the exercise boring, then this will come across to your dog and it will appear that the dog is bored and then this breaks down the communication between the two.

Look for a class that is ideal for you and your dog and remember some important factors when looking for a class:

  • How big is the class – smaller classes mean you will have more 1-2-1 time with the instructor.
  • Is the class outside or inside? Although inside is useful during autumn and winter, outside will give you and your dog the benefits of fresh air and exercise.
  • Is the training reward based and positive – we all now know that a behaviour is likely to be repeated if it is rewarded.

If you are looking for that extra special 1-2-1 training class that offers just that little bit more in the way of training, then sign up to our autumn training classes today. Email us at:

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