Dog Show Sound CD


Helping your Fearful Dog!

This CD is very unique as it a complete soundtrack of a dog show to help those dogs (and puppies) who are entering and competing at the show level. It allows them to get used to various sounds that are associated with these events.

Sounds include: music, dogs barking, tannoy systems, etc.

These CDs have been designed and produced by Specialist Dog Training. Each CD has a running time of approximately 30 minutes. The CD‘s have been endorsed by ISAP (International Society of Animal Professionals).

Jackie works with all ages and breeds of dogs, helping their owners to solve a variety of behavioural and training challenges. She works throughout the South East and is one of the UK’s leading experts in animal behaviour, using kind, non-invasive and humane training methods.

Kent-based animal behaviourist, Jackie Murphy A.Dip CBM MIfL (QTLS) can help your fearful dog. Specialist Dog Training has created a Dog Shows, Preparation Pack Cs aimed at alleviating fear and anxiety experienced by dogs & cats.

A qualified dog behaviourist, trainer and teacher, with over 40 qualifications in the field of animal behaviour and psychology, Jackie has put her specialist training to work to give owners a practical aid to prepare their pets for Dog Shows.

All the Preparation Packs contains a specially created CD of noises, compiled by Jackie, which owners can play in short sessions during the daytime. This will introduce pets to the unfamiliar sounds of Dog Shows, and help to build confidence. Puppies and kittens are particularly vulnerable as the experience will be new to them.


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