Teddy’s Top Training Tip and Bear’s Bonus Biscuit. Stress-free walk

Teddy’s Top tip: Having a stress-free walk is paramount to not only your mental well-being but also your dogs. 

Bear’s Bonus Biscuit

Everyone enjoys a walk and everyone who owns a dog certainly enjoys a walk – well no walks can be stressful for various reasons. From owners who have dogs that are reactive, dogs with high prey drive, dogs who lack recall, dog owners that are trying to train their dogs, or dogs who are distracted, or those dogs who just like to run and run and run.

For these owners, it can be a headache taking their dogs out on a walk. They sometimes feel they have to run the gauntlet to get past other dogs and owners, they fear the repercussions if their dogs are put on led quickly (and these dogs could be suffering from illness/ recovering from an operation, new to the household, etc) from members of public, or the frustration when their dog does not return.

So, what is the answer?

Secure fields are now available throughout the UK to hire with secure high fencing, set in a quiet location away from hustle and bustle of busy town life, these are the ideal places to train your dog, allow your dog the freedom to run around and use their canine nose and more important in the safe knowledge that they will not encounter the scary things that make them anxious. Most fields that can be hired out means that you can also bring the family along, take a picnic and take advantage of having your own private, safe rural retreat you can relax in.

Why hire out a secure field, what are the advantages:

  • Your dog can be let off lead in a safe and secure environment. It will have the freedom to enjoy a walk, running, sniffing and chasing.
  • Owners can practice training in a secure field in the knowledge that they will not be disturbed while they train.
  • Puppies can practice their recall skills with their owners with some distractions but not have the distractions of other dogs running up to them. Very useful for those puppies that are a little apprehensive with new environments.
  • Older or Elderly dogs can potter around enjoying some canine enrichment of sniffing new areas and will not be harassed by younger dogs wanting to play.
  • Dogs that are recovering from injury but need a calm environment these fields are ideal, plus they will not be disturbed by younger or more active dogs wanting to play.
  • Rescue dogs that have just been re-homed can have a safe environment to burn off some energy.
  • Owners that have mobility issues can watch their dogs have fun running around – seating is often available at these fields.
  • Owners will have peace of mind if their dog is reactive that the field is safe, and their dogs can have some fun off the lead.

Remember: Dreaming of stress-walks can now be a reality.

If you would like to book your place at our secure field and enjoy a stress-free walk use the form below or check out our Field Rent page for more information.

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