Teddy’s Top Training tip – Autumn walks can be fun!

As we move out of summer and into autumn, some might start to think of the dark winter nights. However, autumn is a great time for dog walking. The weather tends to not to be too hot and not too cold, just like nursery story it is just right!

Walking in autumn we have a slow warmth of the sun which makes is comfortable for our dogs to walk or run in. Older dogs often prefer this time of year as the ground is soft and easier to walk or run on. Younger dogs like the fallen branches to jump over, climb, walk on or scramble under and leaves to hunt for thrown balls, ropes or toys to find. There are also blackberries for everyone to forage and enjoy.

Take this time to carry out some outdoor training, practice your recall, perfect your walking on a loose lead and meet up with dog walkers for a walk in the sunshine.

Autumn often brings added advantages where local beaches are opened up to dog walkers to enjoy the last of the late sunshine and enjoy a quick swim or paddle.

Think about joining dog walking groups to explore the countryside and enjoy the fresh air and exercise before winter sets in.

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