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Teddy’s Top Training Tip and Bonus Biscuit – Winter Tip 2


Teddy’s Top Training Tip – Winter Tip 2: Be careful when exercising your dog outside in the frost and snow. 

This week, we look at keeping your dog safe outside on walks and in your garden.

The first frosty mornings can be fun for you and your dog, not to mention a covering of snow. However, these conditions can be dangerous and lead to injuries. The following are some points to remember so that we can all enjoy the winter fun together.

  • All dogs love the snow, but be careful where your dog plays, rivers and lakes can freeze over and some maybe covered with snow, so they are difficult to see. If the ice cracks and gives way this can be very dangerous to not only your dog but also you.
  • Make sure your dog has frequent indoor and water breaks. Although its fun outside, the temperature will be low and therefore make sure your dog does not stay out for too long.
  • Snow can be fun, but if you have swept away the snow and piled it up against the fence, this could mean an escape route for your dog! Also, be careful of any overhanging areas of snow – as this can accumulate and then slide causing lots of snow to fall in one area suddenly.
  • Check your dog’s pads regularly as some dogs can suffer from crack pads. It might also be useful to trim the fur that grows between the pads to prevent snow/ice build-up.
  • If the road/pavements have been treated with salt, this is toxic and may also burn your dog’s pads, so after a walk make sure you clean your dog’s paws to remove any salt.

For our senior dogs the winter months can a challenge for them. Make sure that you:

  • Maintain the exercise regimen.
  • Give them a warm and cosy area to lie down in – away from drafts and the cold. Be careful of open fires or free standing electrical fires – make sure that your dog is safe and not too close – use a fire guard.
  • Ask your vet about supplements during this time.
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