Teddy's Top Training Tip – How to help your dog through Firework Season

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Bonus Biscuit – How to help your dog through firework season

Get Ready:

  • Find out if your neighbours are planning a family firework event.
  • Walking your dog earlier in the day as this helps tire and relax them. Walking your dog before dusk and before fireworks are likely to go off.
  • Prepare some games to interact with your dog or have some food activity toys ready to keep your dog busy.
  • Provide your dog with plenty of water and keep it nearby.
  • Feed your dog earlier before the fireworks start.
  • Allowing your dog to have a small portion of carbohydrate meal (cooked pasta, mashed
    potato, etc) this provides more serotonin to the dog’s brain, which in turn gives a sense of

Think Safety

  • Prepare a place for your dog to retreat to. Have a comfy bed/cushion/blanket. Some dogs might like an enclosed area, such as a crate.
  • Close windows and draw curtains, turn up the TV to help drown out the noise or play some relaxing music.
  • Look at the herbal products that can help relax your dog during such times – talk to your vet about products that can help your dog.
  • Make sure that your home is secure, and your dogs is wearing his collar and ID tag – as some try to escape.
  • If you do have to go outside during the fireworks, make sure that your dog is safe in a room and have a member of the family sit with the dog.

Stay with your dog

  • If your dog appears fearful, then stay with them. Some dogs just need to have the company of their owners. Be calm and relaxed.
  • Allow your dog to go outside to toilet in advance of the fireworks beginning – go outside with them.
  • If they have an accident, it might be because they are frightened, be patient.

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