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A testimonial video from our clients.

What changes have you seen whilst using Specialist Dog Training?

A Testimonial video from our clients on what changes they have seen in their dogs since beginning dog training with Specialist Dog Training.

Fjynn – Obedience

Thank you so much for the training sessions, not only have you shown and helped me to understand how my behaviour and training towards my dog should be but for the calm, friendly, professional  and understanding way you have done it. Thank you for going the extra mile in all ways. I feel confident now to go forward with training my dog. I am positive that I will have,  not only a loyal, faithfully and beautiful dog but an obedient and reliable companion.

I will keep up the training and keep in touch with progress.


Farley – Aggression

Jackie has helped us immensely with Farley’s pet aggression. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jackie to help Farley with this. As a kitten he was aggressive and unpredictable. Biting my legs and attacking guests. We have seen a massive improvement already. Thank you really doesn’t seem enough. Don’t know what we would have done without you! Thank you so much.
Would highly recommend.

Tracy, Farley and Family

Franklin – Fear

Jackie’s helped us enormously in understanding Franklin’s fearful behaviour and how best to help him overcome his anxieties – she’s been a godsend to us having found ourselves really stuck on how to deal with his issues.  Her approach, understanding and training programme have proved invaluable, not least for Franklin who’s life has improved so much just in the past few months we’ve been working together. We cannot express how grateful we are and knowing that we can contact Jackie whenever we need to and she’ll always make time for us is the support and reassurance that we’ve been seeking for a long time.  We’re now on an upward spiral rather than a downward one and it’s such a joy to see Franklin getting happier, little by little, with the big, bad world! A huge thank you from us all!

Ralph – Puppy home start

Being first time puppy owners we wanted to start the relationship between our new puppy (Ralph) and us as best as possible. We had heard about Jackie through a family member who also had puppy training with her. We can’t speak more highly of Jackie and her training methods and working out what works for us and adapting to our lifestyles. We feel so confident about what we have learnt and Ralph has become a star puppy and we have all loved every session with Jackie and learnt so much along the line. We would recommend this to anyone who is considering one to one training it’s really worth it. Thanks again:

Sarah Harmer, Mick Tyler and Ralph

Oscar – anxiety

Oscar had major anxiety problems. Barking at visitors coming into house, he howled and whinged when I left him even when I was upstairs having a shower but with Jackie’s guidance and instructions we have overcome this situation. He also has major issues going to and from the car, barking loud and very excited, again with Jackie’s help he now walks and is calm getting in and out of car. Friends and Relations are very impressed with Oscar’s behaviour now and I feel so much more relaxed having a happy dog. Thank you Jackie I am so pleased I found you so is Oscar. Xx

Oscar and Family

Tux & Family – Puppy home start

“Thank you so much for coming and doing The Puppy Home Start Course with us. We loved it and Tux is turning out to be a lovely puppy”

Tux and Family
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