Top Training Tip: Enjoying the festivities with your pets

We love enjoying time with our families and pets around Christmas time. So, here is Specialist Dog
Training top tips:

  • Having a real tree – hoover daily to make sure any pine needles are away from pets before they eat or get them stuck in their paws.
  • Keep cables out of the way – cats and dogs love to chew and this could be potentially dangerous if chewed.
  • Avoid having edible ornaments on the tree, your family dog or cat can sniff these out and eat them.
  • Avoid leaving wrapped chocolates under the tree, your dog has a very good nose and will sniff these out.
  • Christmas plants are always a favourite, but they can be poisonous to dogs and cats.
  • Have a safe space for your dog or cat to go to if they feel overwhelmed with the noise or activities of family and visitors.
  • If you are expecting guests make sure that any children are supervised around the family dog/cat.
  • Remember to make sure that the main doors are closed to prevent dogs and cats escaping. If you need to have a main door open, then have the dog or cat secure with a family member in a closed room.
  • Do not use this time to try out a new diet for your dog or cat, wait until the new year and speak to your vet or a nutritionist first.
  • Watch out when buying Christmas treats as some may contain additives and preservatives that could upset digestive systems or change your dog’s behaviour.

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