Top Training Tip: Get Ready for firework season early.

It is a natural instinct for dogs to be frightened of loud noises. When dogs hear the loud noise, it will trigger their nervous systems and the dog will become anxious or afraid. Often dogs will want to run away from the noise which is a survival instinct. Unfortunately, with fireworks they are unable to escape the noise, that is why there is a variety of different behaviours that are displayed.

Although fireworks are not due for another month or so, getting your dog ready now is important:

Get Ready Early:

Socialisation –This is about getting your dog used to the sounds of fireworks. If you own a puppy, then start now as they would not have experienced these sounds previously. Playing an MP3 or purchasing a CD Firework sounds in a safe and calm environment will help as you the owner can control the sound level and pair with lots of positive rewards.

Phobias/Stress levels – If your dog has phobia then speak to your veterinary surgeon early so that you can start to help them. Your vet should advise that your dog has a full check-up to make sure that the phobia/stress is not related to any health disorders. There are of course lots of herbal therapies that can help too from plug-ins to sprays to liquid drops and tablets. Again, speaking to you vet is important before administering these yourself.

Prepare a den for them – Creating a den area will give your dog (or puppy) a place to go to and feel safe. Setting one up now will help them get used to the area and you can create a rewarding and positive environment. The den could include a soft or comfy bed area, covered with blankets, etc.

Find out if there are any firework displays in your area (from large local displays) to neighbours, if you log the reminder in your phone or diary, it will help you plan ahead with early walks for the dog and you can stay with your dog during these times.

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