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Myths and Truths of Dog Training


With the scientific advances in dog training and behaviour over the years means that we all know more about our dogs than we ever have before. There always lots of different views on how we should train or act around our dogs. Television, for one has produced many different concepts and the idea that a More →’

I’m an Expert!


VetVits have made me an expert on their site. VetVits are  company specialising in nutritional supplements for Cats, Dog and Horses. All developed by veterinary experts. Check out my expert page here – Jackie Murphy Canine Behaviourist     

My Article on VetVits


I wrote an article for VetVits who create nutritional supplements for cats, dogs and horse all developed by veterinary experts. I have written an article for them on whether your lifestyle affects your dog. Check it out here – My VetVits Article 

How sound preparation CDs can ease your pet’s stress


However calm and well-adjusted a pet is, there are some situations that most cats and dogs find stressful. Sound Preparation CDs may be the way forward.  Fireworks night sends thousands of pets running for cover every year. While other animals find small children, crowds and loud noises terrifying. Though owners can comfort and calm their More →’

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