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Myths and Truths of Dog Training


With the scientific advances in dog training and behaviour over the years means that we all know more about our dogs than we ever have before. There always lots of different views on how we should train or act around our dogs. Television, for one has produced many different concepts and the idea that a More →’

Teddy’s Top Canine Facts – Teeth


  Teddy’s is here to teach you all the facts about dogs you should know, to help you look after and care for your four legged friends. In this weeks short-video Teeth.

Tips for Dog & Fireworks


With firework night approaching, Specialist Dog Training have the tips you need to help soothe your dog. Being safe around firework night. The RSPCA have reported that over 45% of dogs are frightened of fireworks. With firework now being a season rather than a night, Specialist Dog Training have included some tips to help you More →’

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