Be smart, give your pet the best start

Bear’s Top Puppy Tip – Get your puppy used to life experiences.


Socialisation? – Get your puppy used to life experiences All owners are told they need to socialise their puppies from a young age. Some owners can get so caught up in socialisation part they omit the training, they omit the bonding between them, and their puppy and they omit the boundaries and manners that need More →’

Teddy’s Top Training Tip – Pay attention to your dog!


It is very important to be aware of your dog’s behaviour when you are out and about. Having a dog out of control is not fun for other dog owners, families, joggers, and anyone who uses the same facilities. Teaching your dog life skills not only benefits the dog but also the owner too. We More →’

Bear’s Big Puppy Tip: Choose the right reward for training a puppy.


Choose the right reward for training a puppy Rewards used in training can have two very different results. Science explains that positive rewards – something that a puppy (or dog) likes is much better than punished or force applied reward – which can result in an aggressive response. Did you know that using a water More →’

Dog Training Course now only £600


  33-week Dog Training Course Was £800 Now £600 Which works out at just over £18 per session! I am pleased to announce that my dog training course is now up and running with spaces currently available. The course has been reduced as an introductory offer for those who are serious about their dog training More →’

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